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TinCup was established in order to facilitate the delivery of integrated digital and marketing services to clients in Namibia, clients who until now have had to be content with existing above-the-line strategies dictating the direction of integrated campaigns.

We aim to rewrite the advertising and marketing handbook in Namibia.

With decades of combined experience in the Namibian digital, marketing and advertising landscape, we offer clients a holistic view of their brands in real life, from the first point of contact through to campaign conceptualisation, development, integration and alignment with current strategies.

With brand strategists, creatives, developers, thinkers, visual masterminds and digital messiahs we use all mediums of communication to give voice to your brand, sometimes screaming, sometimes becoming an integral part of an online community, sometimes static; each idea is crafted to maximise interaction with consumers and clients, socially aware, with multiple touch points.

This is TinCup.

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fresh out-the-box thinking, full of experience

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TinCup Digital | Marketing Agency believes in the strength and insight of local networks understanding local clients.

Our independent network, built through partnership agreements with Namibian companies Joe Vision Production (award-winning film and commercial production company), Core Public Relations (internationally-experienced PR and comms specialists), Smartmove Web Development Agency (local digital development partners) and Mindbox (brand strategy firm), means that whatever the challenge, our agency and our partners can stand together as one.

To support clients further afield, TinCup is an accredited thenetworkone agency.

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Apart from the dedicated TinCup team, we have direct access to a wide-variety of freelancers. This allows us to tap into the right expertise whenever the need arises.

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discover, create, integrate, launch & measure


Whether you have a brand plan in place or big plans for your brand, we can help you get the best ROI from your marketing budget by focusing on the media and mediums that you require.

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We’re filled with creativity, passion and innovation; We’re more cost-effective due to our in-house servicese

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